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"Alexandra Catchpole is a straight up gift to humanity. Her spirituality workshops combined with our one on one sessions have changed my life for the better. Alexandra’s healing powers and messages from spirit have given me the gift of seeing myself more clearly and helped me to evolve into the conscious human I know I am here on earth to be.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

- Holly Finigan,

Writer and Entrepreneur


"I came to know Alexandra from her sound healing classes, which I looked forward to all week. I suffer from anxiety. The combination of the weight and sound of the singing bowls and Alexandra's individual focus on each of us gave me a sense of peace for the rest of my day. I decided to work with Alexandra separately for deeper energy healing. I'll just say that it was one of the most vivid and poignant experiences of my life. Whether she's helping you through something or volunteering her time to send healing energy to homeless animals, Alexandra's gentle and compassionate spirit is a joy to be around."

- Jessica Sosebee, 

Executive Director of NISHA, Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals


"Alexandra's work has been a great life changing blessing for me. From her energy work to her shamanic sessions, Ali has a real gift. Her sessions lead me safely through a turbulent time in my life and she continues to be a consistent tool for me to recharge/realign myself."

- Heather Duval

Interior Designer


"About a year ago I was invited by a friend to one of Alexandra’s guided meditations and from that session on my spiritual path was awakened and life started to make sense. Alexandra is a gifted healer and teacher. Working with Alexandra has opened my awareness and given me the tools to help guide through and capture the amazing beauty and positive energy all around us."                          

   – Cheri Goulding

"Time with Alexandra is good for the body and soul regardless what realm the need resides in.  Alexandra's healing talents assist with past and present ailments and realignments allowing for a future that is lighter and brighter.  She's a gift."

- Kristy Kay

Principal Designer, KristyKayDesign


"I met Alexandra many years ago and I am so blessed and grateful for her and her precious gifts. I was very intrigued when I saw her flyer hanging up in the local coffee shop and I found myself wondering what she was all about. It was the first time I really saw anything about Shamanic Energy Healing but straight away I was interested. My first meeting with Alexandra really took me to a level I knew was always there but never really tapped into. The healing, love a light that she radiates is felt straight away, she uses a combination of techniques and within a few minutes you're in a state of calm and peace. I have journeyed to upper and lower worlds, I have been on the moon and to places I never knew existed. I have received outstanding reiki healing and training, Alexandra has helped me communicate with all my guides and some of hers. Meeting her has changed my life in so many ways, she has got me through a lot of difficult times in my life and lead me to my myself, my soul and my own path in our beautiful universe."

- Sarah Montgomery


"Once again it was an amazing experience for me. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me to help me on my healing journey. She’s an amazing healer, Shaman, and intuitive. May the universe bless her always."

- Kelly M.


"Alexandra, you are an amazing healer. It's been a week since my healing session, and I still feel terrific! Thank you!!!!"

- Celia Pomerantz


"When I think of words to describe the time you spend with Alexandra there aren't really the perfect words to find. It's a feeling and something I'd recommend to anyone seeking a deeper understanding and healing of themselves. She's spectacular in every way and I'm eternally grateful of her."

- Katharine P.



"I think the way she describes health as a feeling of lightness is so powerful. I don't think I've ever heard anyone ever describe it like that and I definitely think that it rings true."

- Georgie Morley

The Chasing Joy Podcast



"I had the experience of an Intuitive Reiki session with Alexandra today! I still feel lighter and amazing! I could feel her incredible energy the minute she walked into the room. Her intuitive guidance at the end of the session was accurate and I was guided to make specific, positive changes to keep me grounded and balanced."

- Lisa Ganz

Owner, Breathe Peace Massage Therapy

"Just the transformation I needed to let the dam down. Alexandra's medicine really speaks to my heart, I can so easily translate her teachings and meditations into my everyday life! Finally feeling a major shift for my highest good! Thank you."

-Nikki Jimmo


"She wants to help and bring love and light into the world and that's all that we need especially in this time in the world"

-Doug Cote

Inside the Whale Podcast

"I have been feeling fantastic since our session: more grounded, more joyful and generally better."

"I'm feeling so much better!"

"This heart oil is everything! Heart opening, heart healing, heart expanding. Love Medicine Nation is so talented!"

- Dorothy Stover

Founder Nantucket Love School

"So I’ve been using the grounding oil blend and doing the ritual and I love it. Good stuff!
It smells great and I feel deeply rooted afterwards. Such a great way to start out the day.
Thank you!! 🙏🏼"

"The Heart Oil is ❤️ full of healing heart magic. I use it everyday! Thank you for all the love and intention you infuse into your work. So thoughtfully prepared on all levels."

"I LOVE the heart oil! I use it several times each day, when waking, during the middle of my day, anytime anything negative arises, & just before bed."

"I need to order two more of Cleanse Ritual Spray. I feel like the world needs a bath in that stuff. It’s great! ❤️"

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