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Love Medicine Nation  came to life guided by spirit to bring the medicine of the Heart’s consciousness to the Earth.


Our vision is to create a world where all beings listen to, and follow their heart’s guidance.


Our vision is to connect you to the divine intelligence that is within you, by offering you the tools, and the guidance to access this intelligence.


We believe that if we all listen to our hearts, then we can co-create a world where all beings live in harmony.




Alexandra was raised in the foothills of southern New England. Growing up, she was fascinated by the natural world, and spent many years connecting to the rivers, hills, meadows, waters, and forests. She felt a call to work with medicinal herbs at the age of 15, and slowly began a lifelong study into the world of herbalism and natural medicine.  Over the years, her passions and interests grew and she began to explore community wellness, the textile arts, sustainability, environmentalism, humanitarianism, garden design, Shamanism, meditation, Reiki Healing, flower essence therapies, feminine wisdom + empowerment, children’s mindfulness + care, earth survival skills, and multiple forms of spirituality.


Alexandra founded Love Medicine Nation after practicing as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher specializing in Shamanic and Reiki healing for 7 years on Nantucket Island, Connecticut, and remotely.



Every Product Is Infused With Shamanic Healing, Reiki,

Flower + Crystal Essences, Love + Magic

All of our small batch sustainable ritual products are infused with Energy Medicine, and Flower + Crystal Essences.


New to Energy Medicine? Let's break down what it actually means when we say it, and why it makes our products extra potent + magical.

The basic rule in science is that everything is made of energy. This includes you, our planet, and our products. Energy is made up of tiny things called atoms, and atoms vibrate at different speeds or frequencies. These frequencies affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. Energy Medicine is defined as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism.


When Alexandra adds energy medicine into each product, she's basically adding super high vibe energy atoms and particles into the natural ingredients, and amplifying the healing power that it brings to improve your health when you use it.

Flower and crystal essences are liquid, plant and crystal preparations made from the fresh flower blossoms of a plant, or a crystal, that imprint water with their energetic patterning. These vibrational remedies specifically work with your own energy body to gently address the emotional and behavioral issues that may be affecting the overall wellness of any being.

More resources on Energy Medicine coming soon.