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4 Easy Ways To Connect To Your Heart

Perhaps you've been wondering how you can better listen to your heart. I'll give you a few easy ways to learn how to tap into it's knowledge that you can do throughout the day.


1 - Sit quietly and just breathe into your heart. When you breathe into your heart you actually reset your body's autonomic nervous system and help your entire body to function better which makes it easier to connect to your heart's wisdom


2 - Listen for something that feels lighter. What I mean by lighter is if you can feel a difference in the guidance of your heart versus the voice of your brain by feeling into the energy behind it. The heart feels lighter in terms of the feeling you get in your body. Try this exercise to get familiar with feeling light versus heavy in your body:

Close your eyes and bring awareness into your chest/heart area.

Feel the emotion of gratitude or think of something that brings you an incredible amount of joy. Notice how this feels in your chest, this should bring the feeling of lightness.

Now keep your awareness on your chest/heart area and think of something that is painful, perhaps a world event, or a challenging experience you had. Notice how this feels in your chest, this should bring a feeling of heaviness, like a weight on your chest.

Now shift back to the feeling of gratitude or happiness and see how the energy shifts back to a lighter feeling on your chest/heart area.

This is what I mean when I say that your heart will communicate with you through a feeling of lightness. Next time you're trying to decipher if the guidance you're receiving is your heart feel into it, if it's light, it's heart centered.

Pro Tip: Use this heavy vs light technique anytime you need to make a big decision, if it feels light it's a good sign, if it feels heavy, find an option that feels lighter if you can.


3 - Just say Hi to your heart. Sometimes we forget it's there, or think that our heart is only linked to love and heartbreak, but that is so far from the truth! Our heart is a divine source of wisdom that we have within us at all times. All we have to do is build trust to connect to it, and that starts with saying "hey what's up heart".


4 - Get out of your own way!

This basically means stop worrying about what your heart is going to say.

So many people have so much fear about what's in their heart because of a past experience, generally dealing with heartbreak or something that didn't work out in the past because of their heart. I will tell you what, it is time to stop worrying and it is time to trust because your heart is so much smarter than your mind!!

That's a fact, and here's 30 years of research to prove that it's more intelligent than your brain:


With Love & Gratitude,



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