Our mission to sustainable, ethical, and conscious practices is our number one priority. Each choice that we make at Love Medicine Nation is based on the guiding principle of what the best choice is within our power for the Earth.


Packaging + Shipping:

  • We make our own labels from recycled newsprint; they are 100% compostable.

  • All of our products come in recyclable, and reusable glass, shell, or fabric containers.

  • We create our own bags for our white sage from fabric that has been up-cycled. The drawstring is created from the jute plant.

  • We create our own all natural vegan adhesive and paint brush them on to each bottle or jar ourselves.

  • In order to create less carbon emissions, we walk your order to the post office and consolidate our errands when possible. 

  • We use only recyclable, post consumer recycled, reused, or compostable materials in our packaging. Heads up, this may mean that you'll receive your order in a shoe box wrapped in anything that comes through our house/office that we can reuse, as we believe that this is the most sustainable way we can live.

  • We use USPS for delivery because they make use of the extra cargo space in existing commercial airliner routes to minimize fuel consumption.

Ingredient Sourcing:

  • We use only organic, or responsibly wildcrafted ingredients in our products.

  • We collect our own mountain water from a local source for our products. We leave offerings of thanks at this land through garbage cleanup, songs of gratitude, or natural gifts. 

  • We wildcraft responsibly. This means that we only take what we need, we leave enough for the land, and for others. We only harvest plants from that are in healthy condition.

  • We do our best to try to leave all plants that have bugs on them, and try to prevent squishing any bugs when walking in nature. 

  • When wildcrafting for plants, shells, and stones we ask permission from each we take before we harvest. We only take the ones that give us permission, if they tell us they would like to remain in nature, we leave them be. 

  • All crystals sourced for ingredients have come from sources who mine their crystals ethically and sustainably. 

  • We are constantly working on improving our relationships with farmers in order to source the best quality ingredients. 

  • We do our best to source ingredients as close to us as possible to limit transportation emissions. 

  • We try to limit the energy use in our office by taking advantage of the natural sunlight or working outside. Our goal is to have an office completely powered by renewable sources using 100% geothermal and solar energy. One step at a time.