S h a m a n i c   J o u r n e y

What Shamanic Journeying Is + Benefits

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient form of healing that originated across most ancient cultures around the globe. The point of a Shamanic Journey is to connect you to the divine wisdom that exists within you and to connect you to your Spiritual Team of Advisors. These advisors may be a combination of spirit animals, ancestors, deities, angels of love and light, past life versions of yourself and so on. When we connect to our Spirit Team of Advisors we can gain wisdom and insight into our own life, how we can heal ourselves and how we can better our lives. 


When someone begins to connect to their spirit team they are given the opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally. A lot of the benefits include but are not limited to:


Understanding our soul path.

Healing karmic wounds.

Releasing and healing ancestral damage and blockages.

Bridging multidimensional realities.

Creating a safe space for healing.

Maintaining a spiritual path.

Receiving guidance and direction.

Balancing out mental and emotional energies that may contribute to more positive full body health.

Embracing the divinity and the power within us.

Clearing all things that no longer serve us so that we may live our best life possible.

What Happens During A Shamanic Journey Session With Alexandra

Shamanic Journey Sessions are held over Zoom. Each Shamanic Journey Sessions combines intention setting, a mini Shamanic Journeying educational lesson, a Shamanic Journey, and time for discussion and questions. During the lesson portion, Alexandra teaches you how we access the different realms where our Spirit Teachers live, the difference between the worlds and teachers, and how the drumbeat helps us access these realms. Once the educational portion is complete, Alexandra will guide you to meet your spirit team by helping you induce a trance like conscious state, and set prayers and intentions for your healing. She will guide you to spend time with your team, and after your journey is complete you will be given the opportunity to discuss anything you experienced and would like guidance interpreting.

How To Book A Shamanic Journey Session, Time + Cost

Shamanic Journey Sessions are 60 minutes and cost $50.


To schedule your Shamanic Journey Session please download, read, fill out and email alexandra@lovemedicinenation.com the filled out PDF below. Make sure to include your availability for your session including multiple options of times and days (weekdays only) in your email. Alexandra will email you a time confirmation and a Zoom link for your Shamanic Journey Session. 


You will be emailed an invoice that can be paid online. We take all digital forms of payment and accept payment plans if absolutely necessary (please contact us for a payment plan inquiry). We do ask that you pay your invoice before your session or your session may not be held.