White Sage, or Salvia apiana, is known in the healing world as a sacred plant that is used for spiritually medicinal cleansing properties; it has been used in sacred ceremony for thousands of years.


We infuse each batch of White Sage with shamanic energy in order to enhance the healing properties of the plants to help empower the user when they burn it.


We make sure to source our White Sage as ethically and responsibily as possible. Please only purchase this item if you have full respect for this plant.



  • Helps to heal the inner workings of the mind
  • Clear away negativity and unwanted energy
  • Reduce mental fog, and heighten mental clarity
  • Remove bacteria from the air within an indoor space 
  • Offer a sacred connection to the spirit world
  • Remove any unwanted spirits or past memories from a home



Place the shell with the curved side facing down. Hold the stick end of one piece of white sage, light one leaf with a lighter or match, blow the flame out. Place lit white sage leaf into shell. Waft the smoke around your body or space, thanking the spirit of the plant for the cleansing. Open a window or door for any unwanted energies to leave. Please return cooled ashes back to the Earth.


Pre-cautions: Please burn responsibly. Never leave anything burning unattended.

White Sage Leaf with Shell Holder

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Includes: 14 grams Salvia apiana leaf, one natural scallop shell burner, and a reusable hand sewn upcycled fabric pouch.

    Please note that the shell may differ than the one in the picture as each are unique. 

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