White Sage Incense Cones bring peace, calm, and clarity into your space. White Sage is a sacred plant that has been used for thousands of years for spiritually cleansing purposes.


Each batch of White Sage incense has shamanic energy infused within it, and is handcrafted using water that has been infused with selenite crystals for extra cleansing potency. 


We make sure to source our White Sage as ethically and responsibily as possible. 



  • Clears energy of spaces and people
  • Improves + helps with mental clarity
  • Calms the mind
  • Releases negativity
  • Reduces airborne bacteria



Place the natural stone burner in a fire safe location, and place one White Sage incense cone on top of burner. Light top of cone with a match or lighter, and let the flame burn out. Make sure to thank the spirit of the plants for the medicine that they offer you and your sacred space. If you'd like, you can waft the smoke around your body's energetic field, aka, auric field, as well as your space. Open a window or door for any unwanted energies to leave. Please return cooled ashes back to the Earth.


Pre-cautions: Please burn responsibly. Never leave anything burning unattended.

White Sage Incense Cones + Stone Burner

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  • Includes: 12 White Sage incense cones, one natural stone burner, one reusable, hand sewn, upcycled, fabric pouch. 

    Please note that we handcraft our incense cones in small batches and each may have a slight variation in shape. 

    The stone burner may differ than the one in the picture as each are unique.

    White Sage Incense Cone Ingredients: Salvia apiana, Machilus thunbergii, selenite crystal infused water, shamanic energy.

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