Pinus Smoke Bundles are made from wildcrafted white pine found within walking distance of our office. Each bundle is wrapped with intention, and infused with shamanic energy to amplify the spritual healing power of the white pine leaves. 



  • Provides clarity
  • Improve clairvoyance
  • Encourage energetic protection
  • Release doubts
  • Moves stagnant energy away
  • Heals the soul
  • Cleanses the auric field
  • Help people transcend their limiting beliefs



Hold the stick end of the bundle and light the other end on fire with a match or lighter (our favorite way to light smoke bundles is it light a candle and light the bundle off of the candle's flame). Hold the tip of the smoke bundle in the flame until you start to see a nice stream of smoke wafting from it. Blow out the flame and waft the smoke around your body or space. Make sure to thank the spirit of the white pine tree for it's medicine. Bundle will eventually burn down over time, as it does, please return the cooled ashes back to the Earth. Make sure to open a window or door to let all unwanted energies leave. 


Pre-cautions: Please burn responsibly. Never leave anything burning unattended.


Pinus Smoke Bundle

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  • INGREDIENTS: Pinus strobus, natural cotton twine, shamanic energy

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