The common Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) is one of the most abundant plants found in the Northeast; it grows along the roadsides guiding travelers on their journey. Mugwort has a very long history of inducing lucid dreams and helping humans see into the unknown realms. Mugwort chose Alexandra to be a recipient of its magical properties and healing psychic gifts because she is aligned to guide people on their journey.


Please note each bundle is about 7-8" long and may differ in appearance as shown in photographs. Some bundles have more flowers than others. 



- Induces lucid dreaming

- Enhances psychic connection

- Guides the user to their inner states of consciousness

- Removes negative energy from a space

- Improves connection into intuition

- Removes psychic blockages

- Releases negative energy and improves mental clarity



Hold the stick end of the bundle and light the other end on fire with a match or lighter (our favorite way to light smoke bundles is it light a candle and light the bundle off of the candle's flame). Hold the tip of the smoke bundle in the flame until you start to see a nice stream of smoke wafting from it. Blow out the flame and waft the smoke around your body or space. Make sure to thank the spirit of the Mugwort for it's medicine. Bundle will eventually burn down over time, as it does, please return the cooled ashes back to Mother Earth. Make sure to open a window or door to let all unwanted energies leave. 


Pre-cautions: Please burn responsibly. Never leave anything burning unattended.


We will donate a portion of our handcrafted botanical treasure sales to the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund to balance our carbon emissions from shipping our products.

Mugwort Smoke Bundle

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