Our 3rd EyeWreaths are lovingly crafted with the intention to enhance your psychic abilities, improve your intuition and meditation practice, guide you on shamanic journeys, empower your dreamstate, as well as enhance your connection to spirit and your divine self. We love placing our large 3rd Eye Wreaths above our bed to enhance our dreamtime + morning meditations.


This 3rd Eye Wreath has been handcrafted from locally grown organic + wildcrafted flowers, and wildcrafted Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort). Each 3rd Eye Wreath is shamanically crafted through deep communication with the spirit of each flower and leaf that would like to be included to create a one of a kind botanical treasure to enhance your spiritual practice. 


Each Wreath comes with the story that Artemisia vulgaris wishes each wreath owner to know about why the plant is on the Earth.



  • Enhances psychic connection
  • Guides the user to their inner states of consciousness
  • Removes negative energy from a space
  • Improves connection into intuition
  • Removes psychic blockages
  • Provide psychic visions in dreams
  • Support those looking to heal themselves
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Induces lucid dreaming


Wreath is about 10" diamater.

10" Third Eye Wreath # 1

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