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Rooted Grounding Oil smells like a walk through the forest on a sunny day. When you connect to our Rooted Grounding Oil you become one with the Earth. You will feel yourself shift into a space in your center where you become instantly grounded, at peace within yourself, present, calm, and able to handle anything that comes your way. Our Rooted Grounding Oil is a beautiful blend of energetic flower and crystal essences that connect you down to your own roots, while empowering you to stay in your emotional center and create from a place of flow. The essential oils in Rooted Grounding Oil are specifically chosen from plants that are trees as they have the deepest roots in the plant kingdom, and we want the energy to reflect into you. Rooted Grounding Oil has been infused with Reiki and Shamanic healing energy to amplify your own experience with grounding yourself down into the Earth. Each bottle comes with a wildflower paper booklet that may be planted when finished using. RITUALUse in the morning and as needed throughout the day. Shake to disperse oils. Massage 5 drops into your feet. Stand and take 5-10 deep breaths in, breathing in the oils off your hands. As you take each breath, visualize roots growing from your feet down into the Earth, and feel the energy of the Earth flow up and into your whole body. Take as many breaths as you need until you feel calm, centered, present and focused. Give thanks.


SUSTAINABILITY All ingredients are wildcrafted or organic. 98% of our containers, labels, twine, waters, oils, herbs, essential oils, essences, and any other ingredients are sourced from North America. We believe in taking the best care of the Earth so we do our best to source all parts of our products from the continent we live on, in order to keep our carbon emissions foot print lower and the Earth and its inhabitants healthier. We use only recycled, reused, or natural packaging material for our shipments, which may mean you'll get a box filled with leaves and reused packaging from other shipments we've received.

ROOTED Grounding Oil

  • All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted, and sourced in North America (including the bottle + labels). Helianthus oil, Cedrus, Juniperus virginiana, Pinus sylvestris, Abies fraseri, Pinus strobus, and Tsuga canadensis essential oils, 12 flower + crystal essences, spring water, vodka, Magic, Love + Reiki

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