Our 3rd Eye Smoke Bundles are crafted with the intention to enhance your psychic abilities, improve your intuition and meditation practice, empower your dreamstate, as well as enhance your connection to spirit and your divine self.


These 3rd Eye Bundles can be a beautiful addition to your altar, near your meditation space, placed near the bed to be used to induce lucid dreaming, or burnt and alchemized into sacred smoke to enhance all things third eye related. We love burning these at the beginning of our rituals to enhance our connection to the divine.


We sustainably wildcraft or grow all plants used in our bundles.



Burn responsibly during meditation practice, shamanic journeying, connecting to your spriit team, before you go to sleep when seeking guidance in your dreams, when using oracle cards, or any other time that you are looking to enhance the power of your third eye. If you prefer not to burn  your bundle  you may simply connect to it and thank the spirits of the plants for guiding you to tap into your 3rd eye.



- Induces lucid dreaming

- Enhances psychic connection

- Guides the user to their inner states of consciousness

- Removes negative energy from a space

- Improves connection into intuition

- Removes psychic blockages

- Releases negative energy and improves mental clarity



- Heightens intuition up to the heavens and to a higher state of consciousness

- Open your body, mind, heart and soul to the divine power of love

- Helps to connect into a deep connection to spirit

- Provides visions through deep meditation into the future

- Enhances space with energetic vibration of love

- Heightens the senses

- Enhances power of sacral chakra to tap into yoni healing

- Brings energy of lightness + joy




Pre-cautions: Please burn responsibly. Never leave anything burning unattended.

Hold the stick end of the bundle and light the other end on fire with a match or lighter (our favorite way to light smoke bundles is it light a candle and light the bundle off of the candle's flame). Hold the tip of the 3rd Eye Bundle in the flame until you start to see a nice stream of smoke wafting from it. Blow out the flame and waft the smoke around your body or space. Make sure to thank the spirit of the sacred plants for their medicine. Bundle will eventually burn down over time, as it does, please return the cooled ashes back to Mother Earth. Make sure to open a window or door to let all unwanted energies leave. Never leave anything burning unattended.


Each bundle varies and ranges from 7"-8" in length, and comes in two options, narrow or wide. Narrow bundles are about 1.5" wide on the end, and Wide bundles are about 3-4" wide on the end. You can note the difference in the photographs.

Please note each bundle varies and may not be the exact item that is posted in the picture. 



We will donate a portion of our handcrafted botanical treasure sales to the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund to balance our carbon emissions from shipping our products.

3rd Eye Bundle

3rd Eye Bundle
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