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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The more that we give, the more we shine.

I'm in love with my life now more than I ever have been. I've been allowing myself to open up to the wonder of endless possibility that the creator has in store for me while I am here in human form on this Earth.

We humans always spend so much time worrying and feeling anxious about what is to come, that we forget to live in the present.

When we forget to live in the present, we lose sight of any opportunity that is actually readily available to us at that point in time. We can't see these opportunities since our blinders to what could be are on.

I used to be this way. I used to spend so much time worrying about what I was going to do to make my life how I wanted it to be. I would focus on taking care of certain aspects of my life so that I felt like I was readying myself for something that may not even happen.

I've stopped all that now. I've decided to live in each moment. I've decided to help myself live a more fulfilling life, with more magic sprinkled in to every day, by gifting myself my own presence.

It's all about taking the time to connect to myself, and to connect to that what is around me in each and every moment.

It's about connecting to my higher self.

It's about connecting to my heart center.

It's about connecting to something that is greater than myself.

It's about surrendering my path so that I can honor a path greater than me, led by the divine.

I share this all with you in hopes that at some point on your journey, you may choose to stop, to be present, and to find the magic and the divinity that is within your own incredibly divine being.


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