When we began to build a dream of what our ideal world looked like, we knew that one thing was true across all aspects, that the only way we could create a world of peace, was if every being on planet earth lived within the frequency of the vibration of love.

We know that might sound very idealistic, and it is. But we also know that if we do not try, then we will never succeed. 

Our mission at Love Medicine Nation is to spread the message, awareness, and tools across the world to help people accomplish their inner healing work, so that they can shift themselves into the frequency of love.

We aim to offer a beautiful bounty of products that will range from organic + wildcrafted medicines crafted thru deep shamanic communication, meditations, knowledge, to downloadable toolkits, and a stock pile of resources to help you become the best version of yourself. We will donate a portion of our handcrafted botanical treasure sales to the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund to balance our carbon emissions from shipping our products.

In seeking the name to call this business, the founder, Alexandra, took a shamanic journey to the Heart of the Earth and she helped to guide me to the name Love Medicine Nation. The moment this name was placed in her mind and heart she heard the spirits of Native Americans drumming and cheering around her in excitement, sharing blessings and guidance with her for the journey ahead.

We promise to only send you wisdom from our heart
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Disclaimer: While we love to offer you our guidance, we must note that Love Medicine Nation's offerings, products, and wisdom that we share across all platforms are completely based on our own experience and we will hold no liability of your response to our products, content, or anything else that we offer. Please note also that Alexandra Catchpole is not a medical doctor, and that none of our products have been approved by the FDA.

However, we do highly recommend love energy as daily medicine for any and all imbalances.

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