When we began to build a dream of what our ideal world looked like, we knew that one thing was true across all aspects, that the only way we could create a world of peace, was if every being on planet earth lived within the frequency of the vibration of love.

We know that might sound very idealistic, and it is. But we also know that if we do not try, then we will never succeed. 

Our mission at Love Medicine Nation is to spread the message, awareness, and tools across the world to help people accomplish their inner healing work, so that they can shift themselves into the frequency of love.

We aim to offer a beautiful bounty of products that will range from organic + wildcrafted medicines infused with shamanic energies, to downloadable toolkits, and a stock pile of resources to help you become the best version of yourself. We will donate a portion of our handcrafted botanical treasure sales to the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund to balance our carbon emissions from shipping our products.

We truly believe in our hearts that each individual matters, and that each individual can make a difference in the world. We honor that life is not always what we want or expect for it to be like, but we realize that if we allow ourselves to open to the beauty of each individual that needs our help, then we can serve humanity, and honor the earth through our sustainable and conscious practices.

We vow to you this:

We will take every care in offering you the purest form of high vibration medicine we can possibly make.

We will only offer what we believe to be of service and for the greater good of all beings.

We will continue to work on bettering ourselves so that we can offer the collective the best version of ourselves at all times.

We will give back to the Earth with each choice that is in our power; from composting plant scraps, to making each business choice based on the ethos of what does the least harm to the planet.