Our Messengers of Love are a team of highly vetted individuals who own businesses that are creating a positive impact on our world. We choose our Messengers of Love based on the following principles:

  • They honor their own personal healing journey and are on the path of their best self.

  • They aim to share the medicine of love in some form through their personal and their professional life

  • They give back to their community and to the planet in ways that are best aligned with them. 

We promise to only send you wisdom from our heart
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Disclaimer: While we love to offer you our guidance, we must note that Love Medicine Nation's offerings, products, and wisdom that we share across all platforms are completely based on our own experience and we will hold no liability of your response to our products, content, or anything else that we offer. Please note also that Alexandra Catchpole is not a medical doctor, and that none of our products have been approved by the FDA.

However, we do highly recommend love energy as daily medicine for any and all imbalances.

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