H e a r t   M a g i c   S e s s i o n s


During a one on one Love Session with Alexandra you will discuss your intention at the beginning of the session; Alexandra will then lead you into an altered state of reality in which you can receive healing, guidance, and transformation through the energetic portal of love. All guidance received is set on the foundation of the intention that is set at the beginning of the session. Each session is unique and will be tailored to the person for the highest and the greatest good of all. Before your session, Alexandra will connect with your spirit team to understand what type of healing and guidance is needed, so that she may best assist you with your intention if you need clarity. It is highly recommended to not plan anything after your session as you may need to rest.


Healing modalities that may be used but are not limited to:

Angelic healing, spirit animal protection, astral healing work of the energy body, intuitive guidance, meditation, Reiki, Shamanic drumming, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, DNA activation, energetic cord cutting and more. 

For Love Session inquiries please book online or contact Alexandra directly if you need a time slot that is not available. All sessions are currently held over zoom. 



"The healing, love a light that she radiates is felt straight away, she uses a combination of techniques and within a few minutes you're in a state of calm and peace."

Sarah Montgomery