We handcraft small batches of our Love Medicine Nation labels from paper we create out of our recycled newsprint we infuse with roses and selenite crystal essence. We use roses because they are the epitome of love in the flower kingdom, and after all, our mission is to spread the message of love across the globe, so why not start with our small choices. During our label making, we fully sink into the process of creation and let the flow of the medicine of blending the pulp, water, flowers, and essence guide us into a calm state in which we meditate on spreading healing to the world. 

Each label we craft by hand takes a lot of time to create from start to finish as we place them on our products before they're sent out. We intentionally take this time and this care because it is the most sustainable way for us to offer our products to the world knowing that their creation has minimal environmental impact. It cuts down on carbon emissions from outsourcing delivery, gives new life to old newsprint that would have to be removed and go through the chain recycling process, and helps us to teach others a new way of doing things. We also know that as we craft them ourselves, we add in another heightened layer of magic and intention into our line of medicine. 

We also make our own vegan, non-toxic, water proof adhesive that we hand paint onto our labels and containers. 

Please note that the paper in each label is completely unique and may not look exactly like the once pictured on our website. 

We promise to only send you wisdom from our heart
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Disclaimer: While we love to offer you our guidance, we must note that Love Medicine Nation's offerings, products, and wisdom that we share across all platforms are completely based on our own experience and we will hold no liability of your response to our products, content, or anything else that we offer. Please note also that Alexandra Catchpole is not a medical doctor, and that none of our products have been approved by the FDA.

However, we do highly recommend love energy as daily medicine for any and all imbalances.

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