Alexandra Catchpole is a heightened intuitive, shaman, former energy healer on Nantucket Island and Northwestern Connecticut, and incredibly attuned to the energetic frequencies of the world and individuals. Schooled in textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and gardening at the New York Botanical Gardens, Alexandra holds certifications in Shamanic Lightworking Empowerment in Metaphysics, and as a Reiki Master and Teacher, and has been a life long studier of plant medicine. Alexandra found her main inspiration for Earth stewardship during her year and a half volunteering for Jane Goodall's Roots + Shoots. 

To sum up the story of Alexandra's inception she had always been fascinated in mysticism, herbalism and the occult, but truly started her path as a healer through a culmination of serendipitous life altering events in 2013 when she said a prayer to the universe to send her down a different path if there was a greater purpose for her. A few days later she underwent a huge spiritual awakening (that also looked like a total mental breakdown) for two to three months that shifted her entire life. It began when she woke up one day and felt as if she was an immortal and that her entire life had been just a dream. Her soul woke up to all of its memories, powers, and gifts.Through divine and human guidance she began to walk the path of the healer.

It is with gratitude in her heart, mind, body, and soul that she offers the world Love Medicine Nation.

We promise to only send you wisdom from our heart
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However, we do highly recommend love energy as daily medicine for any and all imbalances.

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