Candle + matches/lighter

Art Supplies:

Colored pencils, markers, or pastels

Paper to create art on

Sacred Plant Smoke or Spray Cleanse

Calming music


Play some relaxing music, our February Ritual Playlist is below!

Cleanse your body, and space that you'll be in with a sacred plant smoke cleanse, or a smokeless spray.

Invite in any divine spirit beings

you work with to support

+ guide you.



After you have performed your ritual preparation, find a comfortable place to be for an hour or so.

Light your candles and let your eyes adjust to the candlelight.





As you gaze into the candle, let yourself begin to visualize that the candle flame is able to connect to your aura.  As it connects begin to feel the fire burning anything that feels heavy away, seeing the heaviness burning to ash, and visualize this ash being sent down into the Earth.





After you feel all heaviness is released, begin to imagine a white sphere filled with love surrounding you.

See it sealing around all sides of you, extending out about two feet from your body.





As soon as you feel the sphere tightly secure around you, begin breathing, and take 10 rounds of inhales/exhales.





Surrendering your thoughts into a space of quiet, begin to imagine a beautiful golden light filling your heart space. When your mind is quiet, ask your heart how you can begin to follow a path that is for the highest good of all. 

Just listen and receive.





When you’ve received all the insight your heart wishes to share, begin to draw what your heart’s wisdom looks like. Invite the heart to draw through the hand. Don’t worry about what the art looks like as you create, allow it to flow. When the art is done, step back and view your beautiful creation.





To close the ritual, thank the beautiful energy and wisdom of your heart, the energy of love, and all of those that you called upon when preparing for your ritual.

It’s suggested to place your art in a place you can see throughout the day to remind you of your heart’s guidance for this month.

We promise to only send you wisdom from our heart
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