Sacred Plant Smoke Bundle



Optional: White salt

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March's ritual focuses on cleansing the home. It is important to clear the energy of your home with love and intention.


To prepare yourself please make sure that you have enough time (1 hour should suffice), and that you clear your own energy first, and get grounded. 


March Ritual



After following the ritual preparation, go outside and walk around the outside perimiter of your home. Begin to feel where there are any dense areas inside, versus light areas. As you do this you can feel the energy within yourself as you scan each part of your home. When done, return inside.


Light your candle and begin to set the intention that all energy that is not of the highest vibration will be cleared from  your house. Imagine that the flame from the candle is expanding out into the whole house, beginning to burn away any energy not of love.


Open a window in each room.



Bring your smoke bundle and lighter to the highest point in your home. Pray to the spirit of the plants and thank them for removing any energies not of love. Thank the spirit of the fire and the smoke and light your matches/lighter and light the smoke bundle until it's creating a nice stream of smoke. 




Going clockwise (with the intention of ending at the front door) waft the smoke around the perimeter of each room, windows, and doors, making sure to go inside of cabinets, corners, and under furniture. Kindly ask any unwanted energies to leave through the windows and return to the earth or to the sun. When you reach areas in the house that felt extra dense, make sure to spend more time in these spaces.




When you reach the front door open it and ask all remaining energies to leave. Feel the remainder of any unwanted energies leaving the house and returning to source. Return any ashes from your smoke bundle to the Earth.



For an extra tip, place a perimeter of salt outside your house (clear the salt with intention or smoke first. Setting the intention that the salt is creating a protective barrier around  your home. Thank the salt for protecting  your home. 


Express gratitude to the spirits of the plants, smoke, salts, source and the Earth for providing you with a cleansed home! Enjoy feeling the fresh, clear energy for the rebirth of spring!