Shifting human consciousness into the heart for inner and outer healing.


Love Medicine Nation offers you a sacred space online that you can learn how to tap into the wisdom of your own heart.


We believe that each being has the divine intelligence inside of their heart's consciousness that they need to heal themselves, and to guide themselves on a path that is for the highest and greatest good of all beings.


We offer you tools in the digital world and through high frequency handcrafted botanical treasures to help guide you on the journey within.


We come with an expertise in Spiritual Energy Medicine and Shamanism. Our courses (that will be launching this autumn), are being created with the highest intention to guide the user into their own inner wisdom and into the realms of the Spirit Teachers. 


Please take time to explore our free offerings, browse our handcrafted botanical treasures, and send us a digital letter if you feel called to connect with us for a Shamanic Journeying Session, or have any questions we may help guide you with.



Our deepest heartfelt gratitude that you found us,

Love Medicine Nation











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Disclaimer: While we love to offer you our guidance, we must note that Love Medicine Nation's offerings, products, and wisdom that we share across all platforms are completely based on our own experience and we will hold no liability of your response to our products, content, or anything else that we offer. Please note also that Alexandra Catchpole is not a medical doctor, and that none of our products have been approved by the FDA.

However, we do highly recommend love energy as daily medicine for any and all imbalances.